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Off The High Horse, Down The Rabbit Hole?

In my opinion feeling special is a very important life quality one shouldn‘t miss, but it seems that it‘s not always that easy to achieve. It highly depends on the diameter of the orbit your currently circling in.

Growing up in a classic 250.000 citizens small town it was pretty easy to feel different. Not in an alien-ish or excluding way, just a good chance of sticking out and blending in. You can wear a bright red velvet dungaree dress with kurt cobain glasses or an all white outfit with tacky rhinestones stuck to your face and enjoy the curious glancing from the streets or busses, but so far no giggles or rude comments ever made it my way.

Now being in London (or generally in big cities) I‘m always a bit emotionally torn. On one hand it‘s so inspiring to see people dress so frighteningly trendy and get all these new impressions, but on the other hand it can be so intimidating. A smack in the face, a confidence-killer. Walking down Brick Lane is like flipping through a new Urban Outfitters x Vetements catalogue so the more there is to look at, the less attention one gets.

That can have quite an off-putting effect on how we feel in our second skin (the clothes) or even our first. It can pull you off your high horse, down the rabbit hole and lessen the power and weight of you own original ideas. People in big cities are so used to color madness, crazy accessories and boldness when it comes to clothes and probably a lot of other things, that a slight feeling of invisibility can easily occur.

Of course, we don‘t dress for the attention of others, yet it‘s a nice feeling to be acknowledged and credited through glances or even smiles. Getting some sort of response contributes to feeling special in an outfit. And that‘s the whole point in dressing. To feel a certain way and sometimes the response is part of it and that should be fine.

Being ignored can be very off putting and have a demotivating effect. Wear something that allows you to feel exactly like what you want people to think you feel like. So, it‘s important to remind oneself that when you‘re somewhere really busy, you‘re just getting lost in the shuffle. See it as an opportunity to soak up what you see and use that to evolve in your style.

London in 4 outfits:

#1 SOUTH LONDON (Camberwell)

I love the wild combo of the chunky trainers, traditional bavarian leather trousers, a comfy basic hoodie, the bolero-esque white denim jacket topped off with the pink bucket hat from her grandmother. Coming directly out of the South London Gallery I had to stop her to take a foto.

#2 WEST LONDON (Seven Dials)

The hottest jacket trend at the moment in red caught my eye when I walked through Seven Dials. The fashion hot spot between Covent Garden and Soho. I particularly love the all black turtleneck jumpsuit with a white top layered over and the delicate silver heart creoles. It has that certain touch of modern roller-girl with an 80’s fringe ponytail.

#3 NORTH LONDON (Camden)

These two lovely, shy ladies I spotted across the street in Camden town. I love their hair colours and am a huge fan of the fly-eye sunnies. The tulle maxi skirt with worn out Doc Martens, classic leather biker jacket and a feminine floral strap bag makes the perfect Camden Sunday stroll outfit. As well as the lovely old school polka dot maxi dress with a mossy green costume blazer, bowler hat and tight vintage leather booties. Both playful, yet really cool!

#4 EAST LONDON (Hackney)

I saw this real “Kat” (by the way) waiting by the overground station smoking a cigarette and was instantly drawn to her trashy barbie shirt and cloudy down-jacket. Together with the old school acid wash high waist jeans, rose colored converse (that I’m very jealous of) and the amazing pink hair with a scrunchie in another shade of pink it resembles an outfit stuck between 2000’s bad taste party, japanese anime girl and tomorrow’s new all-girls indie band called “Pussypowr”.

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