by Anna Olivia Böke, 2016


something electrifies my brain

lumps in throats, pulsating veins

sweat and tears

love, hope, doubt, fear

I just won’t be happy here


It’s all too much

mind in a rush

lightning, thunder, sun again

Is there ever meant to be an end?


I hope I’m just too young to understand

like it’s too soon to comprehend


Suddenly there’s an explosion

avalanche-like mind erosion

Rolling over, slipping under

whirling, swirling, tossing ’round


lightning, thunder


Mind-flash flickering

Mindflicker flashing in

A head filled up with buss and blunder


While I’m puzzling together

stuck with jelly thoughts forever

as always left with an idea

nothing but a shooting star

nothing clear, turns into fear

fading into the afar

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