The Birth Of SHE KAT

I’m Anna and I like to create things, to write and I make music. I am german based in Brighton (UK), but I see myself as translanguage. I’m freaking 19 now. Nearly 20 to make this whole thing seem more dramatic. I mean that’s nowhere near old, but I feel like this is the age where you are expected to make a step. A step into the right direction. Whatever that myth-enshrouded right direction is… that’s the question, the whole trouble.

I’m a self-expressionist on a quest, so I started this blog I‘ve been wanting to make since the train ride home from the Kooks live in Hamburg in early 2015. Where an innocent conversation sparked an idea that soon began to grow and grow and grow into this: SHE KAT (Even though cats don‘t don‘t take up a conspicuously big part of my life. I don‘t even own a cat!) In fact this is a website about anything but cats.

In a world where nothing can be extreme enough I’m trying to find my voice and style regardless of what’s out there. On this blog I want to explore the symbiosis of fashion and music. They are the two things to make our impalpable existence that crucial bit more viable. They affect your life every day in such an immense and at the same time subtle, subconscious way. The way you dress when you’re just at home, the song you listen to on the way home from work affect the way you feel and the way you sense yourself and I find that beautiful. This is exactly what I want to explore: The synergy of music and  fashion with our introspection.

This is also a space for culture, personal topics & beautiful words. A place to release the inner Bradshaw and to give my writing compulsion a creative outlet. This is a creative space and a community for all those who like to to inspire and be inspired, because creating is the only super-power we have.

So, certified herewith, I‘m jumping into the murky pond of self-expressionism or maybe just flushing myself down the Internet-toilet.


Anna Olivia Böke

(Author & Editor)


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