Hoax Or Character-Detox?

In my home we don‘t have a TV. Something I consciously appreciate, but of course my laptop still is the portal to the Never-Never Land of anencephalic entertainment. This spring even I got absorbed into the internet black hole and followed the most recent season of the casting show Germany‘s next Topmodel. The Cat-fight show by Heidi Klum.

During the process of watching it, partly with my mum or boyfriend, I noticed something quite obvious, but eye-opening. Casting shows have only one purpose and that is judgement. Of course one might say the intention is to entertain people but that‘s exactly what the judging does. People like to judge and casting-shows give us the ‚right‘ to. I was shocked by what it did to me. I started talking about what‘s good or bad, getting upset about arguments and passed a verdict on “Julia‘s“ perfomance at the photoshoot. Even though I had no clue whats going on I constantly felt asked for my opinion. Casting shows turn us into judgemental, condemning, deluded a-holes putting our two cents into everything we see. So, does watching ‘Germany’s Next Topmodel’ make me a bad person?


We justify our shameless, ice-cold observations by assuming the particpants are aware that that‘s how shows work and that they just want to be in the spotlight, so being judged is the price you have to pay. But it‘s not that easy. The shows lead the competirors to believe that there‘s a real price. Wether that‘s a record deal or a model-agency placement, these companies only try to acquire quotes and bait people with oppressive contracts. They are exploiting the competitor’s lacking suss, naivity and cheated perception with capitalistic backgrouds. Just like ads make us believe we get something for free. No doubt, there‘s definitely people who made it with the help of a casting shows. Kelly Clarkson, One Direction or Miss Klum herself, but still in general the big apparatus behind such a show is very aware that these people will never get a real shot and they know how to play them. So when you follow this apparently natural human craving to judge and watch these shows, be aware you are feeding this twisted mind-game played from the other side of the TV screen.

At first I was really deterred. I thought it was so disgusting I should never turn on a TV again, but then I couldn‘t help but wonder: What if it‘s actually working like a character-detox? We can paste all of our hate and disgracefulness onto these shows, be rude pigs and step out into the real world as civilized, nice people again. We can let everything out in this unpersonal screen-situation we are aware we know nothing about. We can‘t hurt a person behind a TV screen as long as we leave the distance. (Steppig out into the internet bustle and writing comments is a whole nother dimension…) So maybe the whole thing does at least some good for humanity. As long as we can leave our nasty, dark side behind the screen, keep it fictional and irrational we won‘t hurt anyone. Maybe the whole purpose of casting shows is to prevent us from ending up like Natalia Kills

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